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Get your dream job in tech. Be a Silicon Valley engineer in Silicon Valley.

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Empowering people for a new era of innovation and helping them to increase career opportunities in the IT industry.

Become a Silicon Valley tech talent:

The Innovation Developer Academy (InnoDev Academy) is the best place for students of all levels to get in-depth knowledge of AI/Data Science or Cyber Security with instructors from Silicon Valley. Our programs offer a complete overview of the career path that you are going to pursue. Our instructors have a proven track record of fostering their students’ development.

Our Mission

Who We Are​

To provide IT education with a focus on practical skills, career development and high value-added content.

At the InnoDev Academy we do more than teach programming and coding. We believe in an education that focuses on problem-solving, creativity, and employability skills. InnoDev Academy’s professional approach to education makes you ready to hit the ground running in today’s competitive job market.

Learn From Industry Leaders​

We’ve passionate, enthusiastic, and innovative lecturers with extensive knowledge and expertise in their areas of specialization.

Learn at Your Own Pace​

Easy access to a wide range of courses through online lessons. We use advanced technologies to make learning more engaging and interactive.

Professional Certification​

InnoDev Academy offers a certification that you join a group of certified and skilled professionals.

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