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AI and Data Science

AI and Data Science Webinars are here to help you start your an AI journey. It’s a free online live webinars that will help you learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning.


With us staying up to date with the latest technology, trends, and techniques is critical.


The programs will provide guidance from top-notch specialists in Silicon Valley.


InnoDev Academy helps to build a successful career that takes time, effort, and a clear plan.

What Advantages?

Uniquely created content, postgraduate university diploma, and guaranteed internship are just a few essential things that you will find in our programs.

Best Industry Leaders

We’ve passionate, enthusiastic, and innovative lecturers from Silicon Valley with extensive knowledge and expertise in their areas of specialization.

Internship at Silicon Valley Companies

We offer internships at Silicon Valley companies for our graduates.

University Diploma and Professional Certification

We cooperate with universities and offer a university diploma and certification so that you join a group of certified and skilled professionals.

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